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Karl Pilkington - Satisfied Fool

A video where Karl tries to learn if he would be happier if he was smarter.

Ricky talks about Karl on stage in 2006

Learn more about Karl

Karl's first book signing (He's Not Happy)

Explicit Content

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The Ricky Gervais HBO Show Season 1

The Ricky Gervais HBO Show Season 2



Guide to... Audio books with

Ricky Gervais,

Stephen Merchant and

Karl Pilkington

           AUDIO BOOKS

          Explicit Content After the boys finished the podcasts, Ricky wanted to do another but Karl did not.  So Ricky started a blog to annoy Karl into doing it.  Here's the blog


Guide To... Medicine

Guide To... Natural History

Guide To... The Arts

Guide To... Philosophy

Guide To... The English

Guide To... Society

Guide To... Law and Order

Guide To... The Future

Guide To... The Human Body

Guide To... The Earth

Guide To... The World Cup


Where it all began Audio from London Radio Show

XFM Series 1 The Early Years

XFM Series 2 Season 1

XFM Series 3 Season 2

XFM Series 4 Season 3